Another TOPCAR Mercedes-Benz GLE63 AMG Given ADV.1 Wheels

Full Carbon Fiber Aero Kit And ADV.1 Wheels Installed

With TOPCAR, it’s all about high-quality carbon fiber, exquisite craftsmanship and in most cases, a set of custom- made ADV.1 Wheels. The Moscow based tuner specializes in turning already gorgeous luxury pieces of the automotive style into an aggressive rolling work of art that will turn heads anywhere it goes. The same principle has been applied to this Mercedes-Benz GLE 63 AMG project.

TOPCAR designs their carbon fiber body parts to follow the factory design cues & lines, resulting in a seemingly perfectly fitting aero kit. Where the factory designers of the Mercedes-Benz GLE 63 AMG have been constrained by corporate red tape, TOPCAR’s designers showed greater scope and boldness. In turn, the aggressive design of the front bumper, carbon fiber muscular hood, extended fenders, side air intakes, a rear bumper with a large diffuser – all creates a rapidly more aggressive exterior appeal of this vehicle.

The complete TOPCAR INFERNO carbon fiber body kit for the GLE 63 AMG consists of a front bumper with aerodynamic elements and diffuser, a carbon fiber hood, expanders of the front and rear fenders, pads on the front fenders with the company logo, a set of side skirts and pads on the front doors and pads with air intakes on the rear doors, all wrapped up with a rear bumper complete with air vents and an aggressive carbon fiber aero diffuser. The parts may be over the top for some, but we definitely like the bold & aggressive design language and how well they fit the vehicle – both in terms of sheer mechanic fitment and the overall complete looks.

Naturally, the build is topped off with a set of our custom-made monoblock forged wheels. TOPCAR selected to go with a set of ADV5 M.V1 CS Series wheels for this build. The elegant five-spoke wheel features aggressive cuts within the spoke design and on its exterior, alongside weight saving surplus material removal back pocketing and additional design features. In turn, this makes for a perfect monoblock wheel that fits this large & heavy SUV perfectly. For this build, the wheels are sized 23×10.5 in the front and 23×10.5 in the rear. TOPCAR chose a Liquid Smoke finish – a longstanding tradition with most of TOPCARS’ builds featuring our wheels.

If you have any questions about our this build, our wheels or if you need ordering information, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Grab a detailed look at this Mercedes-Benz GLE 63 AMG build by TOPCAR in the media gallery right below.