Gold Rush In Canada! Aventador SV Roadster On ADV.1 Wheels

While Montréal, Québec may not be Klondike of the late 1800’s, it too has been hit by a Gold Rush.…

While Montréal, Québec may not be Klondike of the late 1800’s, it too has been hit by a Gold Rush. This Matte Gold Lamborghini Aventador SV comes courtesy of Empire Auto, a luxury automobile dealership centered within the city located on the Saint Lawrence River, one of the most sprawling cities in Canada. While explorers like George Carmack and Skookum Jim couldn’t even imagine the luxurious items of today, the highly appealing Italian luxury supercars would certainly fit the same bill of rare & valuable as once gold used to.

This Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV Roadster comes with a beautiful exterior paint finish, a complete Novitec carbon fiber aero kit and a set of ADV5.3 Track Spec CS Series wheels. The end result; a head turner like no other.

When Lamborghini envisioned the Aventador SV roadster, the company set to further emphasize the performance and handling characteristics of this vehicle. The SV features an improved naturally aspirated V12 engine, delivering 750 horsepower and 507 lb-ft of torque. This allows the supercar to accelerate from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in just 3.2 seconds and achieve a top speed of over 217mph (350km/h). Additionally, the Aventador SV Roadster employs particular engineering solutions geared to shedding excess weight, matched with a mix of innovative technological features, such as the magnetorheological push-rod suspension and the Lamborghini Dynamic Steering system. In turn, the SV achieves an unprecedented reduction in weight: a full 50 kg less than the Aventador Roadster.

For this vehicle, we’ve set out to build a set of wheels that befits the stature of this thing and its particular requirements. Simply put, this vehicle needs a set of wheels that are both extravagant and stylish – just like the vehicle they are slated for.

With the ADV5.3 Track Spec wheels, the contemporary directional spoke design is matched with advanced engineering – part of our CS Series line – providing a high-performance platform like the Aventador SV with an aesthetically pleasing and lightweight wheel setup. Thanks to each and every ADV.1 wheelset being custom-made for each application, the wheels offer utmost perfect fitment and advanced optional features; such as the centerlock option required for this vehicle. In turn, the finished product is a wheel setup that enhances even a platform like this to higher levels altogether.

This build was done for the previous owner of this Aventador SV. It was executed with our authorized dealer in Canada, Toyz Auto Art. The wheels are built in sizes of 21×9.5 in the front and 21×12.5 in the rear, filling up those large wheel wells perfectly. As for the finish of these three-piece concave forged wheels, the customer chose a Polished Bronze w/ Matte Clear and a Polished Bronze w/ Gloss Clear finish combination.

Additionally, the 50/50 Exposed Titanium Hardware configuration cleans the wheels up, working perfectly with the Centerlock option and this high-performance Italian machine.

A few days ago, we had a chance to shoot this vehicle before it goes to a new home with its new owner. The photoshoot is done by Gabriel Sevigny Photography, who gives us an intricate look at this vehicle. With this Aventador SV Roadster, it’s not just about the wheels, but how well it flows with its exterior and interior design features, aggressive and aerodynamically infused lines, the sleek cravaces and aggressive notes. You can grab a look at this Matte Gold Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster in all its glory, right below.