Riviera Blue Tesla Model 3 Gets ADV5.0 FLOWSpec Wheels

Gorgeous looking build

This Tesla Model 3 features a striking Riviera Blue Metallic wrap, joined by a set of lightweight ADV5.0 FLOWSpec wheels, sized 20×9.5 in the front and 20×10.5 in the rear, finished in Satin Black

While some will definitely be against it, adding a color that is almost a proprietary color of some other brand to your vehicle, usually works pretty good. Riviera Blue is one of those colors. Usually seen on Porsche 911s, this color looks spectacular on the Tesla Model 3 as well. Sure, this may only be a wrap, but it’s still pushing this EV to a whole new level in terms of its visual appeal.

While the color scheme may be the most prominent part of this build, the addition of a set of ADV5.0 FLOWSpec wheels is the perfect exclamation point on this build. The owner of this Tesla Model 3 went with a lightweight set of wheels, priced perfectly for this vehicle, thus posing a great aftermarket upgrade. The wheels are sized 20×9.5 in the front and 20×10.5 in the rear, offering a flush fitment that produces one of the best looking wheel setups for this vehicle.

Furthermore, the customer went with a Satin Black finish for his wheels, working pretty good with the Riviera Blue exterior and the yellow Tesla brake calipers.

For a more detailed look at this Riviera Blue Tesla Model 3 with ADV5.0 FLOWSpec wheels, please take a look at the media gallery below.

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