Black Startech Range Rover Sport Looking Pretty on ADV.1 Wheels

Wheels are sized 22×10.5 in the front and 22×10.5 in the rear, done in Platinum Black

This black Range Rover Sport comes with a Startech body kit and a set of ADV08 FLOWSPec wheels, sized 22×10.5 in the front and 22×10.5 in the rear, done in Platinum Black

There are more than a few tuners out there that churn out aftermarket body and interior upgrades for a vehicle like the Range Rover Sport. One of them is Startech, a German tuner dedicated to luxurious cars. Their complete Range Rover Sport is one an understated, yet aggressive looking kit that ads a customized touch to both the exterior and interior. That being said, the whole package works well with the large SUV, giving it a bit more refined outer appeal. The exterior consists of a front bumper replacement, a rear bumper replacement, complete with a carbon fiber diffuser, and a rear roof spoiler, all made out of carbon fiber. For the interior, you can order items like the Startech aluminum pedal pads, footrest, or the illuminated entrance panels for the front. Furthermore, the tuner also offers a completely refined leather interior, something that we’re certain will be on a lot of owner’s to-do list when their vehicle comes into question.

This particular build comes from 978 Motoring, a tuning company from China that specializes in high-profile tuning of various levels. As it comes with so many builds in recent years, after the carbon fiber is installed, the owners look for a perfect exclamation point for their builds. And for many, the addition of ADV.1 Wheels makes for a perfect finishing touch. This particular owner went with a set of ADV08 FLOWSpec wheels, sized 22×10.5 in the front and 22×10.5 in the rear. Furthermore, for a completed blacked-out look, the owner chose to go with a Platinum Black finish.

When the ADV.1 FLOWSpec wheel line was envisioned, we were eyeing several possible fitments for each of the cars we were targetting. Hence, with the ADV08 FLOWSpec, we designed a wheel that caters to both luxury big body sedans as well as SUVs like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, BMW X5Porsche Cayenne, or, in this case, the Range Rover Sport. The ADV08 blurs the lines between a split eight-spoke and a traditional mesh wheel, creating a good combination that works well with bigger vehicles like these. And thanks to its large surface area, you can show off our two standard finishes of Satin Black and Platinum Black (as seen on this Range Rover Sport), or if you’d like, you can go outside the box and create a unique custom finish, thanks to our Bespoke wheel program. And whatever you may choose, we’re certain that your set of ADV08 FLOWSpec wheels will look phenomenal on your vehicle.

You can order a set of ADV08 FLOWSpec wheels from our online store right away. However, if you’re unsure of the fitment requirements for your vehicle, we suggest you contact us prior to ordering. Our sales team will ensure that you order the perfect-fitting set of wheels for your vehicle. In the meantime, take a look at this Startech Range Rover Sport with ADV08 FLOWSpec wheels in the media gallery right below.