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PRESS RELEASE – “Pulse” Wheels for Tesla Automobiles

Designed by Speed Design GmbH, Manufactured by ADV.1 Wheels, Speed Design GmbH (in cooperation with ADV.1) introduces its new line of exclusive performance wheels for Tesla Motors. The ADV.1 Pulse Wheel Program for Tesla Motors Model S.

adv1 pulse design for tesla model s p85d
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Engineered Performance

Available in both 1-piece and 2-piece forged aluminum, the newly developed wheels were engineered specifically for the Model S. They incorporate a turbine blade design to minimize air temperature around the brake calipers.

Special attention has been given to maximizing the structural integrity to handle the unique torque forces of the Tesla Model S P85D. These Pulse wheels utilize OEM lug nuts, insuring that the proper torque applied to each wheel is maintained according to Tesla manufacturer specification.

The profile and dimensions of the wheel have also been designed to minimize weight, and maximize the road feedback to the driver, especially when cornering.

adv1 pulse program-tesla motors

Engineered Style

The directional turbine “blade” look of the Pulse wheels are made to complement the technical and stylish nature of Tesla electric sport luxury vehicles. Developed with ADV.1 Wheels, they feature a maximized deep concave appearance and multi- directional surface curves engineered for the first time in a forged wheel.

dragtimes-tesla model s-p85d

Engineered Elements

Details matter. The wheel cap grove will accommodate the OEM Tesla wheel cap. OEM tire sizes from the Performance and Dual Motor models (P85, P85+, P85D) are maintained, so tires can be swapped in directly. Back hub contact pad has been machined specifically for Tesla Model S, to ensure 100% contact with the wheel hub.

Engineered Efficiency

One of the main considerations in the development of this wheel was to increase performance, while not decreasing efficiency. In fact, in our testing the wheels improved battery mileage efficiency by 2-5% under comparative testing to stock wheels.


Technical Data:

Pulse MV.2 Blades (2 piece)
Front: 21 x 9.0 et 30
Rear: 21×9.5 et23
Weight: 31.4 / 31.6 lbs

Pulse MV.1 Blades (1 piece)
Front: 21 x 9.0 et 30
Rear: 21×10.5 et35
Weight: 28.4 / 29.4 lbs

Microsoft Word - Press Pulse 2015.docx

Check out our large Tesla Motors gallery and Model S on different ADV.1 forged wheel styles below:

Unplugged Performance Model S on ADV10 M.V2 SL Series

unplugged performance-adv1 wheels

Tesla Model S ADV5.2 M.V2 SL Series

Tesla Model S ADV5.2 M.V2 SL Series-5

Tesla Model S ADV10 Track Spec SL Series

Tesla Model S ADV10 Track Spec SL Series


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