Project outline: BY: ADV.1 Wheels President, Jordan Swerdloff Growing up, from as far back as I can remember, I’ve been…

Project outline: BY: ADV.1 Wheels President, Jordan Swerdloff

Growing up, from as far back as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with cars. All types of cars, piece of shit cars, exotic cars that I’d only seen in posters, etc. So, my first car was obviously special to me and always will be. At the time (1996, at the age of 16) it wasn’t the latest, fastest or coolest car to have – but to me it was everything. The car was a 1983 Datsun / Nissan 280ZX Turbo / 2+2. The car was originally owned by my Step-Grandmother who bought it brand new in 1983 and kept it in pristine, Grandmother driven condition over the next 13 years of it’s life. Garage kept, FL car, no rust, fully loaded, weird talking English sounding lady in the dash, red velvet seats, T-Tops, and best of all, that 2.8L L28 inline 6 cylinder fuel injected turbo motor. With a 3 speed Automatic….No overdrive.

Long story short, I’ve probably had x25+ personally owned and driven cars since then, maybe more. I’ve climbed my way up the vehicle ladder from my old Z, to bus fair, to riding shotgun for a few years in other peoples cars, to rebuilt / salvage title abortions, and over the past 7-8 years, every exotic and high end sedan / SUV you could ever wish to drive, let alone own. BUT, nothing has excited me, motivated me, moved me like my first car…Unfortunately, at the age of 18 while stranded in GA over the holidays with no money, a broken 280Z / temporary bedroom for 2 (yes, I slept in my car with my buddy what? I was homeless damn!), after 2 months of trying to get home I threw in the towel and sold my Z for bus tickets to get back home. Long story. Anyways, ever since I’ve wanted to find my old Z wherever it ended up but I never put much effort into finding it. I always wanted to restore the car to it’s original condition, chop off the rear seats / quarter panel for a 2 seater, and put a 500 horse built L28 with a big single turbo, Isuzu box truck front mount I/C, maybe an additional injector and a big size plastic boost T from Pep Boys…just big enough to run hard on the street without too much pinging (if you grew up street racing in the late ’90’s you know what I mean)

10+ years later, here I am – all grown up….Never got my Z back, BUT one day out of the blue this thing comes along and of course I couldn’t resist. The rest is soon to be history! After years of building the most exotic cars on the road, this project has me more excited than anything else i’ve had the opportunity to get my hands on. I guess it’s something nostalgic about it, maybe it’s a mid life crisis, whatever it is, it’s finally wrapped up and on the street!

Engine Modifications:

2JZGTE Fully Built Toyota Supra 3.4L Stroker motor ARP L19 main studs ARP L19 head studs Billet main caps CP Carrillo piston’s Brian Crower / 1500HPP BC Connecting Rods Balanced & Blueprinted Block Port / polished Head BC 272 cams Port / polished Springs, retainers & valves Garrett Gt42gtx dual ball bearing turbo Engine management: AEM ECU / Gen 1 HKS Twin disc clutch Toyota Supra Getrag 6 speed manual transmission (Built + Installed by Drag International) 5 gallon E85 Fuel cell / Fuel system + 250 Shot NOS (active but not planning on using it…)

Engine Performance:

Original HP w/ C4 Automatic Transmission: 1000HP+ w/o NOS Documented PBIR 1/4 mile: 8.926 @ 160.19 / 1.590 60’ pass:

De-tuned for street use / 6 speed transmission @ 799.21HP / 579.13TQ Tuning @ Machines Gone Wild / Dynojet Dynometer

Suspension / Brakes / Drivetrain: Dynamic Turbo

Full GC Coil over conversion front + rear w/ KYB Struts, Eibach springs & Full Polyurethane bushings (black) Complete suspension, brakes, safety overhaul: performed by Dynamic Turbo Techno Toy Tuning front + rear 5 lug conversion Driveshaft shop: high strength custom driveshaft / axles w/ 5 lug hub conversion Wildwood 300mm 290mm Disc Brake front + Rear conversion Long nose R200 Differential

Body / Aero: The Z Store / Motorsport Auto

BRE Style Ducted Carbon Fiber front air dam Fairlady carbon fiber rear spoiler ZG Fender flare kit front + rear Carbon Fiber rear tail light panel Matte Gunmetal Vinyl Wrap / Graphics: Sign Savers, Miami FL

Wheels + Tires:

ADV.1 Wheels: Style: ADV5 | Track Spec Series 17×10.0 Front + 17×11.0 Rear Finish: DeathBronze Centers / Outers / Inners Titanium 50/50 exposed hardware Tikore / ADV.1 Titanium Tuner Lug Closed End Nut set w/ laser etched ADV.1 logo Tires: Toyo Proxes R888 / 275/40/17 Front + 315/35/17 Rear

Interior: MOMO

MOMO “Super Cup” Suede Driver + Passenger Seats MOMO Quick release leather / Suede + aluminum steering wheel & quick release hub MOMO aluminum / leather shift knob + leather boot MOMO Race pedal conversion Full Alcantara headliner / dash / door panels New OEM plastics / carpeting / center console, etc.


Drawings / Final renderings: Matthew Law: ML24


William Stern

Dynamic Turbo: BTS

William Stern + Cinemotive Media / Warren Shim-Quee / Asian Scott