Finding a wheel design that worked for both luxury big body sedans as well as SUV’s like the Mercedes G-Class proved itself to be a challenge, until now. The ADV08 blurs the lines between it being a split 8 spoke and a traditional mesh wheel. It’s large surface area is by far the best of the Flow Spec line to show off our two standard finishes of Satin Black and Platinum. If you’re looking for something outside of the box, ADV.1 offers a Bespoke Program that allows you to customize the color, width and even the offset of your 22” ADV08 so you can finely tune the wheels to fit your vehicle and style.


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Adv05s track spec cs

ADV05S Track Spec CS Series

ADV510 Track Spec Advanced

ADV510 Track Spec Advanced Series

ADV10 0 Track Spec Advanced

ADV10.0 Track Spec Advanced Series

ADV10 Track Spec Advanced

ADV10 Track Spec Advanced Series

ADV7 Track Spec Advanced 2

ADV7 Track Spec Advanced Series

ADV5 Track Spec Advanced

ADV5 Track Spec Advanced Series

ADV005 Track Spec Advanced 2

ADV005 Track Spec Advanced Series

Adv5 0 F track spec advanced floating spoke 3 piece wheels

ADV5.0F Track Spec Advanced Series

Adv10rf floating spoke brushed polished show car wheels

ADV10RF Track Spec Advanced Series

Adv10 2 track spec advanced super car rims brushed polished

ADV10.2 Track Spec Advanced Series

Adv05rm track spec cs 1

ADV05RM Track Spec CS Series

Adv5 3 track spec cs

ADV5.3 Track Spec CS Series

Adv06r track spec cs

ADV06R Track Spec CS Series

Adv06r track spec cs

ADV06RM Track Spec CS Series

Adv07r track spec cs

ADV07R Track Spec CS Series

Adv7r track spec cs

ADV7R Track Spec CS Series

Adv8r track spec cs 1

ADV8R Track Spec CS Series

Adv005 ts sl

ADV005 Track Spec SL Series

Adv05 ts sl

ADV05 Track Spec SL Series

Adv05s ts sl

ADV05S Track Spec SL Series

Adv5 ts sl

ADV5 Track Spec SL Series

Adv5s ts sl 1

ADV5S Track Spec SL Series

Adv5 0 ts sl

ADV5.0 Track Spec SL Series

Adv5 2 ts sl

ADV5.2 Track Spec SL Series

Adv06 mv2 sl

ADV06 Track Spec SL Series

Adv6 ts sl

ADV6 Track Spec SL Series

Adv7 ts sl

ADV7 Track Spec SL Series

Adv08 ts sl

ADV08 Track Spec SL Series

Adv8 ts sl

ADV8 Track Spec SL Series

Adv10 ts sl

ADV10 Track Spec SL Series

Adv10r ts sl

ADV10R Track Spec SL Series

Adv10 0 ts sl

ADV10.0 Track Spec SL Series

Adv15 ts sl

ADV15 Track Spec SL Series

Adv15r ts sl

ADV15R Track Spec SL Series

ADV005 M V2 Advanced

ADV005 M.V2 Advanced Series

ADV005 F M V2 Advanced

ADV005F M.V2 Advanced Series

Adv05 mv2 advanced 2

ADV05 M.V2 Advanced Series

ADV5 M V2 Advanced

ADV5 M.V2 Advanced Series

ADV5 2 M V2 Advanced

ADV5.2 M.V2 Advanced Series

ADV7 M V2 Advanced

ADV7 M.V2 Advanced Series

ADV10 M V2 Advanced

ADV10 M.V2 Advanced Series

Adv10 0 M V2 Advanced

ADV10.0 M.V2 Advanced Series

ADV510 M V2 Advanced

ADV510 M.V2 Advanced Series

Adv005 mv2 cs

ADV005 M.V2 CS Series

Adv05 mv2 cs

ADV05 M.V2 CS Series

Adv05c mv2 cs

ADV05C M.V2 CS Series

Adv05s mv2 cs

ADV05S M.V2 CS Series

Adv05rm mv2 cs 1

ADV05RM M.V2 CS Series

Adv5 mv2 cs

ADV5 M.V2 CS Series

Adv5s mv2 cs 1

ADV5S M.V2 CS Series

Adv5 0 mv2 cs

ADV5.0 M.V2 CS Series

Adv5 2 mv2 cs

ADV5.2 M.V2 CS Series

Adv5 3 mv2 cs

ADV5.3 M.V2 CS Series

Adv06 mv2 cs

ADV06 M.V2 CS Series

Adv06r mv2 cs

ADV06R M.V2 CS Series

Adv06rm mv2 cs 1

ADV06RM M.V2 CS Series

Adv6 mv2 cs

ADV6 M.V2 CS Series

Adv07r mv2 cs

ADV07R M.V2 CS Series

Adv7 mv2 cs

ADV7 M.V2 CS Series

Adv07r mv2 cs

ADV7R M.V2 CS Series

Adv08 mv2 cs 1

ADV08 M.V2 CS Series

Adv8 mv2 cs

ADV8 M.V2 CS Series

Adv8r mv2 cs

ADV8R M.V2 CS Series

Adv10 mv2 cs

ADV10 M.V2 CS Series

Adv10r mv2 cs

ADV10R M.V2 CS Series

Adv10 0 mv2 cs

ADV10.0 M.V2 CS Series

Adv15 mv2 cs

ADV15 M.V2 CS Series

Adv15r mv2 cs

ADV15R M.V2 CS Series

Adv005 mv2 superlight

ADV005 M.V2 SL Series

Adv05 mv2 sl

ADV05 M.V2 SL Series

Adv05s mv2 sl

ADV05S M.V2 SL Series

Adv5 mv2 sl

ADV5 M.V2 SL Series

ADV5 M V2 SL Series Wheels 1

ADV5S M.V2 SL Series

Adv5 0 mv2 sl

ADV5.0 M.V2 SL Series

Adv5 2 mv2 sl

ADV5.2 M.V2 SL Series

Adv06 mv2 sl

ADV06 M.V2 SL Series

Adv6 mv2 sl

ADV6 M.V2 SL Series

Adv7 mv2 sl

ADV7 M.V2 SL Series


ADV08 M.V2 SL Series

Adv8 mv2 sl

ADV8 M.V2 SL Series

Adv10 mv2 sl

ADV10 M.V2 SL Series

ADV10 R M V2 SL Series Wheels 1

ADV10R M.V2 SL Series

Adv10 0 mv2 sl

ADV10.0 M.V2 SL Series

Adv15 mv2 sl

ADV15 M.V2 SL Series

Adv15r mv2 sl

ADV15R M.V2 SL Series

Adv005 mv1 cs

ADV005 M.V1 CS Series

Adv05 mv1 cs 1

ADV05 M.V1 CS Series

Adv05s mv1 cs 1

ADV05S M.V1 CS Series

ADV5 mv1 cs 1

ADV5 M.V1 CS Series

Adv5s mv1 cs 1

ADV5S M.V1 CS Series

Adv5 0 mv1 cs 1

ADV5.0 M.V1 CS Series

Adv5 2 mv1 cs 1

ADV5.2 M.V1 CS Series

Adv06 mv1 cs

ADV06 M.V1 CS Series

Adv6 mv1 cs

ADV6 M.V1 CS Series

Adv7 mv1 cs 1

ADV7 M.V1 CS Series

Adv08 mv1 cs

ADV08 M.V1 CS Series

Adv8 mv1 cs

ADV8 M.V1 CS Series

Adv10 mv1 cs 1

ADV10 M.V1 CS Series

Adv10r mv1 cs 1

ADV10R M.V1 CS Series

Adv10 0 mv1 cs 1

ADV10.0 M.V1 CS Series

Adv15 mv1 cs 1

ADV15 M.V1 CS Series

Adv05c mv1 cs 1

ADV05C M.V1 CS Series

Adv05r mv1 cs

ADV05R M.V1 CS Series

Adv05 RM mv1 cs

ADV05RM M.V1 CS Series

Adv5 3 mv1 cs

ADV5.3 M.V1 CS Series

Adv06r mv1 cs

ADV06R M.V1 CS Series

Adv06rm mv1 cs

ADV06RM M.V1 CS Series

Adv07r mv1 cs

ADV07R M.V1 CS Series

Adv8r mv1 cs

ADV8R M.V1 CS Series

Adv15r mv1 cs

ADV15R M.V1 CS Series

Adv005 mv1 sl

ADV005 M.V1 SL Series

Adv05 mv1 sl a

ADV05 M.V1 SL Series

ADV05 S MV1 SL 1

ADV05S M.V1 SL Series

Adv 5

ADV5 M.V1 SL Series

Adv5s mv1 sl

ADV5S M.V1 SL Series

Adv5 0 mv1 sl

ADV5.0 M.V1 SL Series

Adv5 2 mv1 sl

ADV5.2 M.V1 SL Series

Adv06 mv1 sl

ADV06 M.V1 SL Series

Adv6 mv1 sl

ADV6 M.V1 SL Series

Adv 7

ADV7 M.V1 SL Series

Adv08 mv1 sl

ADV08 M.V1 SL Series

Adv8 mv1 sl

ADV8 M.V1 SL Series

Adv10 mv1 sl

ADV10 M.V1 SL Series

Adv10r mv1 sl

ADV10R M.V1 SL Series

Adv 10 0

ADV10.0 M.V1 SL Series

Adv15 mv1 sl

ADV15 M.V1 SL Series

Adv05r mv2 cs

ADV05R M.V2 CS Series

Adv005f ts advanced series hero 2

ADV005F Track Spec Advanced Series

Adv05f ts advanced thumbnail

ADV05F Track Spec Advanced Series

Adv05d ts advanced thumbnail

ADV05D Track Spec Advanced Series

Adv006 ts advanced thumbnail

ADV006 Track Spec Advanced Series

ADV05 Track Spec Advanced

ADV05 Track Spec Advanced Series

ADV5 2 Track Spec Advanced

ADV5.2 Track Spec Advanced Series

Adv005 track spec cs

ADV005 Track Spec CS Series

Adv05 track spec cs

ADV05 Track Spec CS Series

Adv5 track spec cs 1

ADV5 Track Spec CS Series

Adv5s track spec cs 1

ADV5S Track Spec CS Series

Adv5 0 track spec cs

ADV5.0 Track Spec CS Series

Adv5 2 track spec cs

ADV5.2 Track Spec CS Series

Adv06 track spec cs 1

ADV06 Track Spec CS Series

Adv6 track spec cs

ADV6 Track Spec CS Series

Adv7 track spec cs

ADV7 Track Spec CS Series

Adv08 track spec cs

ADV08 Track Spec CS Series

Adv8 track spec cs

ADV8 Track Spec CS Series

ADV10 Track Spec CS

ADV10 Track Spec CS Series

Adv10r track spec cs

ADV10R Track Spec CS Series

Adv10 0 track spec cs

ADV10.0 Track Spec CS Series

Adv15 track spec cs

ADV15 Track Spec CS Series

Adv15r track spec cs

ADV15R Track Spec CS Series

Adv05c track spec cs

ADV05C Track Spec CS Series

Adv05r track spec cs 1

ADV05R Track Spec CS Series

Adv08 flow spec formed satin black platinum