A Clean White Tesla Model S Build By TAG Motorsports

White Tesla Model S - ADV10 Track Spec SL Wheels

When you look at it, it seems that it was ages ago when Tesla Motors took the world of premium high-performance vehicles by storm. But, in reality, it was only a few years ago. After the reveal of their flagship all-electric sedan, nothing was the same in the midsize luxury car world. The Model S is the vehicle of choice for owners ranging from upper-middle class families, local sports figures to early adopters and geeks that have to have the latest in high-tech cars. In a nutshell, it’s the it car these days.

Even though gas guzzling beasts are the norm in the United States, the owner of this Tesla Model S clearly comes with a different view on life. The performance numbers that are paired with the contemporary visual design of the vehicle’s exterior, packed with technological aids make the Model S a uniquely positioned vehicle in the luxury car market.

White Tesla Model S - ADV10 Track Spec SL Wheels

With a build like this, only the best was the option. Hence, the owner opted-in to take his Tesla Model S to TAG Motorsports, a company with years of experience in modding high-performance and luxury vehicles – and also our authorized dealer in California.

The build features a set of ADV10 Track Spec SuperLight wheels installed. With the range and eco-friendly motoring, the norm for owners of Model S vehicles, the addition of this lightweight set of aftermarket wheels seemed like the best option.

For this customer, the wheels were machined in our shop, in sizes of 22×9 and 22×10.5 in the front and rear, respectively. The wheels feature a finish combination of Brushed Aluminum and Gloss Clear for the wheel centers and lips. You can take a look at the detailed wallpaper sized media gallery of this Tesla Model S build right below.

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