Pearl White Multi-Coat Tesla Model 3 Performance On With ADV5.0 FLOWspec Wheels

The electric sedan looks aggressive & sleek on these

This white Tesla Model 3 Performance features ADV5.0 FLOWSpec wheels sized 19×9.5 in the front and 19×10 in the rear, adorned with a Satin Black finish

The future is coming. And in the likes of the Tesla Model 3 Performance, it’s coming fast. The fully electric vehicle offers a rather impressive performance aspect, all for a rather affordable price tag. With a range of 322 miles (515 kilometers) for the Dual Motor Model 3, the capability of accelerating from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in just 3.3 seconds, there isn’t a lot of vehicles that can match it in its price range. Whether it be an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) powered machine or even one powered by a hybrid or fully electric powertrain.

When the Model 3 was revealed, the automotive world finally got an affordable EV that you could use every day without (too much) range anxiety. Overall, the vehicle ticked all the boxes. However, it was the Model 3 Performance that brought the attention of the aftermarket industry. After all, it allowed EV early adopters that craved similar performance to the likes of the Audi RS4, BMW M3, or the Mercedes-AMG C 63S, a perfect eco-friendly performance beast. In turn, this makes the Model 3 Performance a perfect starting point for an exciting aftermarket build.

This white Model 3 Performance comes from our authorized dealer in Houston, Texas, EVS Motors. The vehicle features a set of all-new ADV5.0 FLOWSpec lightweight wheels. These are sized 19×9 in the front and 19×10 in the front and rear, respectively. They feature a Satin Black finish for these intricately designed flow-formed wheels.

In addition to this, this Model 3 features a complete carbon fiber aero kit, adding that perfect contrasting note to the white exterior. As a result, this might as well be one of the most aggressive looking Model 3s out there right now. And in this tuning-crazed industry, that says a lot.

If you are interested in ordering these ADV5.0 FLOWSpec wheels, they are available from our FLOWSpec online store right away. For an additional detailed look into this build, please take a look at the media gallery right below. If you need some assistance in ordering a set of our wheels, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Our sales team will help you order a perfect set of wheels right away.