<b>Satin Red Huracán</b> With 1016 Aero And ADV10 CS Series Wheels

In our line of work, you often run into people that have a similar vision, passion and ideal for their…

In our line of work, you often run into people that have a similar vision, passion and ideal for their products. With 1016 Industries, the three traits we value the most in business are omnipresent in every facet of their company. In turn, this makes 1016 a perfect collaborator on some of the projects that are done by our authorized dealers worldwide.

This Lamborghini Huracán comes courtesy of AUTOCouture Motoring. The build at hand features a complete 1016 Industries “Renato” aerodynamics program, which, together with a set of our ADV10 Track Spec CS wheels, makes for a highly attractive combination. The build also features one of the classiest wraps we’ve ever seen. The satin red wrap literally transforms the already beautiful Lamborghini Huracán into an epic looking beast in every possible area. It is safe to say that both the carbon fiber additions, the satin red wrap, together with the ADV10 Track Spec CS wheels creates a stunning looking Huracán.

As usual with AUTOCouture, the build went smoothly. First, the complete aerodynamics kit was installed, ensuring the Huracán now features improved visual & performance aspects. While there are many carbon fiber companies out there, the choice for this owner was simple and he went with a clean looking aero kit from the aforementioned company.

The 1016 Industries “Renato” aero program comes with aggressive styling and performance improving parts. Namely, it consists of a front add-on lip spoiler, side skirts, a rear bumper and a race-inspired adjustable rear wing. All of the parts are built from pre-preg carbon fiber, allowing for superior rigidity and low weight. The parts feature a clearcoat lacquer applied. which gives them a perfect finishing touch, without any obstruction to the perfect view of the beautiful weave of the carbon fiber.

Furthermore, the addition of ADV.1 Wheels perfectly tops it off. The ADV10 CS Series wheels installed are some of the lightest wheels available on the market today and they exert near perfect fitment, a contemporary design and a premium build quality as well.

The wheels for this Lamborghini Huracán are machined in sizes of 20×9 and 21×12.5 in the front and rear, respectively. The wheels come  with a Brushed Gunmetal finish for the wheel front and Polished Gunmetal finish for the wheel lips. Take a look at the full photoshoot by Connor G. Photography right below.