Pure White VW Jetta Gets ADV.1 FLOWSpec Wheels

Lowered, sitting tight!

For this clean Pure White Jetta GLI, we’ve built a set of ADV5.0 FLOWSpec wheels sized 19×8.5 in the front and 19×8.5 in the rear, featuring a gorgeous Platinum finish

In the automotive community, the VW Jetta holds a special place. After all, this sedan layout of the VW Golf rose to prominence in both real life and gearhead movie culture, giving us one of the most iconic import vehicles to date. And ever since Jesse drove one in the first (and for some the best) Fast and Furious movie, the VW Jetta solidified its place in the aftermarket tuning culture.

While this Pure White VW Jetta GLI isn’t as tuned as Jesse’s famed no-brake-disc masterpiece, this particular vehicle does come with some aftermarket upgrades. For this particular one, the owner went with a set of all-new ADV5.0 FLOWSpec wheels, giving his VW a great lightweight & affordable aftermarket upgrade. As a result, when we were launching the FLOWSpec wheel line, the wheel design we chose to launch the entire lineup was a no-brainer: the ADV5.0 – a wheel featuring a timeless wheel that cemented ADV.1 as the leader in aftermarket automotive wheel design over a decade ago.

The ADV5.0 is a widely split 5 spoke that lends itself perfectly to performance coupes and sports sedans. FLOWSpec is a manufacturing process known by many names such as flow forging and flow forming. This process allows for a stronger and lighter weight wheel over a traditional cast wheel. In turn, this yields a great option for owners that require a more affordable, yet great-looking & strong aftermarket wheel for their build.

This particular Pure White VW Jetta GLI is adorned with ADV5.0 FLOWSpec wheels that are sized 19×8.5 in the front and 19×8.5 in the rear, adorned with a Platinum finish. Add a bit of lowering, and this VW Jetta will turn heads at any Cars & Coffee event it goes to.

You can take a more detailed look at this VW Jetta with ADV5.0 FLOWSpec wheels in the media gallery right below.