Pagani Huayra DESTROYED by ADV.1 Wheels | Pissing off Purists since 2009

With only 100 units produced you might be lucky to see just one Pagani Huayra in your lifetime. Even if you had a spare 1 Million dollars in your man purse, you’d have some trouble finding a current owner willing to sell their collectors item. But is that what it is? An Item? Or a car? The way I see it there’s 2 types of people in this world. The first being the guy that keeps his car in a climate controlled bubble and only takes it out once a month to show it off to the same old guys in a parking lot that he did the previous month. This guys definitely a lifetime subscriber to Sweater Vest Digest and has written the book on being boring. Then theres the guy that truly loves cars for what they are and what they were meant to do. When you’ve spent your entire life getting to point where you own a Pagani Huayra, why wouldn’t you drive it?! When you’re dead and the next guy is driving your former car like you never did, you’ll be rolling in your grave. Worst of all your wife probably sold it to him for how much you told her you bought it for.


The Pagani Huayra is a masterfully executed work of art, the Mona Lisa of the Automotive world. I’m serious that’s no pun, there is literally a version of the car called “La Monza Lisa”. Depending on who you talk to, some might argue that we’ve drawn a big curly mustache right on her beautiful face… Well we think she looks hot like this so deal with it. The Limited production hypercar is powered by a twin turbo 6.0 Liter V12 engine that was developed by Mercedes AMG that produces a staggering 730 horsepower. The Huayra is capable of hitting 230 mph, yet sadly you’re more likely to see it in the slow lane with its hazards on, on the way to Cars and Coffee.

Want to know how to piss off a ton of automotive purists and car collectors? Do this.


Want to know how to be a satisfied super car owner? Do whatever you want to it! Put custom forged 3 piece wheels on it, lower it, make it your own and not just a copy of what the next guy has. If life is a “rat race”, wouldn’t you want your car to be the fastest one in the race? We took this full carbon fiber body paneled Pagani and completely designed a wheel around it. From weight and strength optimization based on the hyper car’s curb weight, right down to a personalized name plate around the cars center lock nut, every detail was considered when engineering this set of bespoke custom wheels. When we were done, we had the world’s first ADV07R Track Spec CS. A forged directional split 7 spoke wheel finished in brushed matte red with a beautiful polished gloss red outer lip. To reduce weight while maintaining a bond capable of withstanding 230 mph speeds and racetrack abuse, ADV.1 Titanium fasteners were used.

Of course none of this could have been possible with out Brett David, owner of Prestige Imports Miami / Pagani Miami and most of all a true car fan. This build was dedicated to his late great father, Irv David. A man who shared his passion for automobiles with not only his son but the world. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Brett is a good apple.


Below you’ll find a full media gallery of this project. Special thanks to William Stern aka “The Beard” for staying late and taking these amazing photos. The video was filmed in a collaboration of myself, Juan Martinez, and Emil Garcia whom also edited the video. For more information about these wheels for your car, please contact us.

Ps. if you’re still upset, look at it this way; by adding aftermarket wheels to your collectors car for those rare times that you actually do drive it you’re preserving your stock wheels that can be easily bolted back on. No harm done, just hurt feelings while you roll down the street in your one of a kind ride.

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