Midnight Silver Metallic Tesla Model X On ADV08 FLOWspec Wheels

Giving the EV owners a lightweight aftermarket wheel solution

Lower weight than some OEM Tesla Model X setups, bespoke program available

Some years back, the ADV.1 FLOWSpec wheels were a direct response to individuals who requested familiar ADV.1 designs, but in a more affordable, non-forged wheel configuration. After we’ve dedicated our efforts to creating the utmost perfect forged wheel designs in the years that followed, it was at the 2019 SEMA Show that we’ve brought back the famed ADV.1 FLOWSpec wheels. And with the electric (re)volution happening the automotive world, bringing our new ADV08 FLOWSpec wheels to a Tesla Model X as a first public showcase of these wheels on an actual car, made sense in every way.

When designing the ADV08 FLOWSpec wheels, a great deal of attention was put at finding a wheel design that worked for both luxury big body sedans as well as SUVs and large crossovers – like the Tesla Model X. The ADV08 blurs the lines between it being a split eight-spoke and a traditional mesh wheel. Thanks to its large surface area, we’re able to show off our intricate designs – drawing inspiration from the ADV.1 Advanced Series wheel line – giving our customers one of the best looking mesh styled Flow Formed wheels out there. And thanks to our Bespoke Program, we can accommodate anyone looking for something outside of the box in terms of finishes, fitments, and widths for these 22-inch wheels.

For this Midnight Silver Metallic Tesla Model X, we’ve built these ADV08 FLOWSpec wheels in sizes of 22×9.5 in the front and 22×10.5 in the rear. Thanks to our advanced engineering & design, these wheels weigh 31.6lbs (14.33 kilograms) and 33.6 lbs (15.24 kilograms) for the front and rear wheels in these sizes, respectively. For comparison, the OEM Tesla Turbine wheels sized 22×9 weigh 37.6lbs (17.06 kilograms) in the front and 22×10 wheels in the rear weigh 40.4lbs (18.33 kilograms). And that’s with 0.5 inches in width less! Consequently, the lesser unsprung weight for these ADV08 FLOWSpec wheels might improve range, but definitely improve the visual appeal of the Model X entirely.

These ADV08 FLOWSpec wheels are available in Satin Black and Platinum Black at authorized ADV.1 dealers right away, where the bespoke finishes are a made-to-order item, but can also be ordered through the dealer network.

A complete media gallery of this Midnight Silver Metallic Tesla Model X On ADV08 FLOWspec wheels is available below. If you have any additional questions about our FLOWSpec wheels, finishing, fitments, pricing or similar, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Our sales team will provide you with all the assistance you need in order to help you order your new set of wheels.