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Throughout our existence, we’ve always been keen on joining forces with the innovators of the automotive industry. Our core business is high-quality wheels. Plain and simple. Unlike some other companies, we don’t venture into everything and anything, producing sub-par products in various car relateds categories. We do wheels. We do them well. That’s why, when areas like visual upgrades, performance exhaust systems and engine tuning come into play, we leave that to the experts. Hence, meet our partners.

When they arrived at the scene, 1016 Industries were a little known Miami based aftermarket aerodynamics company. After a few months and some exciting projects, the whole world got to know them – particularly through their Renato Huracan and later, thanks to their Aventador program.

The Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4 Company Car

The Lamborghini Aventador we have here is our daily driver. It’s our pride and joy. The Bianco ISI Aventador is beaten and abused every day. This ensures our wheels get tested beyond industry standards – in a nutshell, they are driven like any of our customers would daily them. With all the daily wear & tear you might expect from a daily driver, that is.

The Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4 powered by a 6.5 litre V12 engine producing a whopping 700PS and powering all four wheels. This allows the Italian beauty so achieve some exemplary cornering speeds & perfect driving dynamics as well. Thanks to a single-clutch seven-speed semi-automatic it can sprint from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in as low as 2.9 seconds. Nothing to be messed with, that’s for sure. To make this even more interesting, this Aventador is tuned by 1016 Industries and, thanks to a custom exhaust, air intake and flash tune it produces 780PS now. Talk about increased power.


The 1016 Industries Renato Aventador Aero Program

When picking a carbon fiber aero package to tighten up the shop Aventador, we decided for a local product. Our friends from 1016 Industries have been hard at work in developing premiere aero packages for the Huracan & Aventador – and you can see their dedication and knowledge in the end products, for sure.

The 1016 Industries Renato designation symbolizes the translation of “rebirth” and is exclusive to the Lamborghini marque. The focus of the design concept is function, fitment and form. One cannot exist without the other. The focus of each program is a total transformation of the drive experience, not just visual improvement. The sound, the feel, the drama is all captured in extensively engineered, tested and manufactured solutions.

The performance upgrades for the Aventador come in various stages, with the highest level performance upgrade consisting of engine management reprogramming, sport catalysts, rear exhaust section, high flow air intakes and filters, and an industry exclusive transmission and driveline recalibration strategy that lends on OEM driveability calibration experience. Just what we needed, overall.

The net results is a ferocious 782bhp and a dramatic 28 m/s gear change speed. The calibration mapping by 1016 Industries provides a smooth, reliable and aggressive upgrade to the already impressive performance of the Aventador. The 1016 Industries’ unique driveline calibration focuses on the short-comings of the single clutch transmission, enhancing shift speed, shift schedules, and crisp, clear and defined input improvements from the accelerator and gearbox. Exhaust system components feature 200 cell catalysts and a rear xpipe in either Inconel, titanium or stainless steel for weigh reduction, improved backpressure, and reduction in engine bay temperatures. The tone is modulated to enhance both the low RPM grunt and accentuate the dramatic high pitched upper RPM resonance.

The aerodynamic package is a specially crafted composition of design, air profile improvement, weigh reduction and aggression. All composite structures focus on strength in delicacy. Higher grade materials, pre-impregnated composited fabric and high strength resin materials all mean less material, less weight and high strength. Each part of the program focuses on an improvement to the overall profile of the car.


The front spoiler is integrated via 5 seperate pieces that form a seamless and defined frontal attack surface. The focus of the front design was to improve the directional capacity of the air around the subtly blunt front bumper surface. A step lip at the very entrance of the front lip separates air on top and bottom of the front of the vehicle, pushing laminar and faster moving air under the vehicle.

The top step of the lip serves to force air into the front radiator grilles. The side outer flippers are detachable and can be added or removed with minimal effort. Their function, much like the Huracan, is to hold air closer to the body of the car as it passes by the wheel arches, enhancing suction to for brake cooling.

The sideskirts are modeled with the same feature in mind. A profile view from front to back features a carved arch the allows for foot clearance in and out of the vehicle, while the large vertical fin feature provides a contrasting visual feature that also serves to hold air against the body.

The rear diffuser is available in two levels of performance, just as the front lip. The standard rear diffuser features very effective built in air smoothing channels. To visually improve on this feature, the stage 1 diffuser adds larger diffuser tunnel fins and an additional central fin to initiate and maintain flow streams earlier and more predominantly of the rear of the car, improving downforce.


The stage 2 diffuser option adds a motorsport inspired lower tray that serves to provide a tunneling effect to the underside of the car. The final active feature is the most predominant on the car, the rear wing. As with every platform this is the most important and most engineered concept of the program.

The Renato Huracan wing kit is unique in its fit, attachment, form and range of adjust-ability and customization. While many other options exist on the market, most options mimic the “SV” style blade with little improvement to the performance of the car. The Renato Aventador wing, is relatively speaking, concise in comparison to other offerings. The upper wing derives much of its design from the Huracan, which utilizes a reverse airfoil profile and beveled rear lip to enhance downforce and provide a smooth profile as well.

Drawing on experience from the Huracan program, a unique lower wing features and industry unique inner stabilizing system to ensure a solid and safe load transfer from the upper wing to the OEM mounting pads as fixture on the stock vehicle. The use of CNC billet base inserts ensures a lightweight, consistent and strong bond between the wing surfaces without the use of heavy bondo. The results of these efforts is a strong and light dual spoiler assembly that does not increase overall weight to the vehicle. The wing legs are available in two different heights and leg designs, and will feature motorsport inspired pin adjust wing pitch.

The spoiler assembly retains active wing control of the factory Aventador system in order to ensure proper heat evacuation as intended. Further options to the program include full engine bay panel replacement, full exterior trim replacement, full interior trim replacement and other bespoke panel replacement in carbon fiber.

The ADV5.0 Track Spec CS Series Concave Wheels

This particular wheel setup consists of a set of ADV5.0 Track Spec CS Wheels. The ADV5.0 has been one of the best selling wheel setups to date, as we’ve made hundreds of sets for a wide variety of cars. It’s also a contemporary looking wheel design that suits supercars – like the Lamborghini Aventador seen here – rather perfectly. This setup simply follows the same idea.

The Track Spec CS Series allows for removal of unwanted material VIA back-pocketing. It allows us to remove any excess weight and utilize our engineering prowess to create a perfect machining plan. In turn, this sets the foundation for our machining department to mill out a wheel that’s lightweight and strong – ticking off two areas where forged wheels clearly beat their cast counterparts.

The setup is sized 22×9.5 in the front and 22×12.5 in the rear, respectively. With a Fine Tetured Gunmetal finish for the wheel disc and Brushed Gloss Red for the lips, the wheels clearly perfectly match the white exterior of this vehicle. Wheels seen here can be ordered in Track Spec, MV.2 or Track Function styles and layouts. The complete Aventador photoshoot can be found in the media gallery right below.

adv1-wheels-lamborghini-aventador-lp700-4-white-carbon-fiber-body-kit-1016-industries-n (1)


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