Curva Red Acura NSX
ADV05F Track Spec Advanced Series wheels

Curva Red Acura NSX - ADV05F Track Spec Advanced Series Wheels

Curva Red Acura NSX ADV05F Track Spec Advanced Series wheels

This Curva Red Acura NSX comes with ADV05F Track Spec Advanced Series wheels, sized 20×9 in the front and 20×12 in the rear, adorned with a Matte Bronze and Gloss Black finish combination, complete with a 50/50 Exposed Titanium Hardware option, giving this Japanese high-performance vehicle a gorgeous look

Certainly, everyone at our company is a big fan of the new-generation Acura NSX. And even though it’s not as a hot selling as Honda would like it to be, it’s still one of the most beautiful sports cars that money can buy. Overall, over the last three-year period, the Japanese car company sold less than 5,000 units of this exciting vehicle. Sure, some will say that it’s never supposed to be a car that sells in large volumes – and we tend to agree – but still, we expect more impressive numbers of this gorgeous high-performance hybrid to be running on the streets of the world.

And while the numbers aren’t that high, there are still Acura NSX owners that love to tune their cars, turning over to our authorized dealers for a big update for their cars.

In true fairness, Honda made a gorgeous looking vehicle with the second-gen NSX. Its body lines are aggressive and futuristic, leaving much less room for improvements than the first-gen vehicle. However, as with most modern high-performance cars, the vision lacked by the wheel designers leaves ample room for improvement. Cue Lager Corporation.

The Japanese tuning company is an authorized ADV.1 Wheels dealer. They’re behind some of the most compelling tuning projects in the Far East in the most recent years and this beautiful Curva Red Acura NSX is no different.

Curva Red Acura NSX - ADV05F Track Spec Advanced Series Wheels

For this build, the tuner went with a set of ADV05F Track Spec Advanced Series wheels for their customer. Coming in a two-piece modular configuration, these lightweight forged wheels with a multispoke design are a perfect choice for a high-performance vehicle like this. In this case, the wheels come in sizes of 20×9 in the front and 21×12 in the rear. They are adorned with a clean Matte Bronze and Gloss Black finish combination. Finally the owner of this vehicle went with a 50/50 Exposed Titanium Hardware option.

As a result, the vivid Dark Bronze of the centers is perfectly accentuated by the Gloss Black of the lips, working perfectly with the Curva Red finish of this Acura NSX. For a more detailed look at this Acura NSX build, please take a look at the media gallery right below.


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