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Aston Martin Vantage With ADV005 FLOWSpec Wheels

This Aston Martin Vantage features ADV005 FLOWSpec wheels sized 20×9.5 in the front and 20×11 in the rear, adorned with a Satin Black finish

The newest generation of the Aston Martin Vantage is one of the classiest and most appealing vehicles available on the market today.  The two-seater grand tourer was released back in 2017 as a direct successor to the highly-popular Vantage, giving us a revamped take on Britain’s most appealing modern sports car. The new Vantage was designed by Marek Reichman, the Yorkshire-born current Chief Creative Officer, and studio head at Aston Martin.

And what a car he designed.

The sleek, elongated design lines flow well with the vehicle from the front to the rear. It features a long hood, a large windshield, and several aggressive design traits, which undoubtedly flow well with the car and accentuate its stellar looks. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful machines sold today, both on the outside and in the interior. No wonder so many is waiting in line to get one.

In the performance department, the new Vantage can hold its own against the best of them. It uses the  Mercedes-AMG’s M177 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces 503 horsepower and 505 lb-ft (685 Nm) of torque. The owners can opt into a 7-Speed manual transmission or an 8-Speed automatic transmission, giving them more than enough thrill and driving dynamics in both cases. With the latter, the Vantage can accelerate from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in just 3.6 seconds, while attaining a top speed of 195mph (314km/h). On a side note, the Aston Martin is the only vehicle that pairs the monstrous Mercedes-AMG V8 with a manual transmission that is currently sold.

The engine is positioned as far back with the chassis as possible, and a 50/50 front/rear weight distribution has been achieved with the car. The Vantage is also the first Aston Martin production car to feature an electronically controlled differential with torque vectoring and is built around the same all-new bonded-aluminum platform as the DB11. Although, with the Vantage, around 70% of its components are said to be unique to the Vantage.

In an effort to spice the looks of the new Vantage a bit more, we’ve built a set of our brand-new ADV005 FLOWSpec wheels for it. The wheels are machined & delivered to our authorized dealer, Buckhead Imports.

It’s a great fit for the lightweight two-seater coupe, as these flow-formed wheels are both light and strong at the same time, giving the British luxury sports car a great wheel upgrade. For this build, the wheels are sized 20×9.5 in the front and 20×11 in the rear and they come adorned with a Satin Black finish. In addition, thanks to using these sizes and our special fitment, owners going with ADV.1 FLOWSpec wheels for this build are able to keep the stock tires with our wheels, dropping the funds needed to upgrade the wheels nicely. And when you match that with the affordable price tag of our FLOWSpec wheels, these seem like a no brainer for a perfect wheel upgrade on this vehicle.  Just what our customers are looking for. Besides the wheels, this Vantage also features a set of lowering springs and a Velocity AP exhaust system, ensuring the sound coming out of those quad exhaust pipes is as amazing as the looks of this vehicle.

You can order these wheels at our online store right away. However, we advise you to contact us prior to ordering to ensure you get the utmost correct fitment for your vehicle. In the meantime, please grab a detailed look at this 2020 Aston Martin Vantage with ADV005 FLOWSpec wheels in the media gallery right below.