Atomic Silver Lexus IS350 Looking Great On ADV005 FLOWSpec Wheels in Satin Black

This 2021 Atomic Silver Lexus IS350 comes equipped with a BBK (Big Brake Kit), an air-ride suspension system and finally,…

This 2021 Atomic Silver Lexus IS350 comes equipped with a BBK (Big Brake Kit), an air-ride suspension system and finally, a set of ADV005 FLOWSpec flow-formed wheels, giving it a tasteful and appealing look

The 2021 Lexus IS can definitely be considered as one of the hottest looking mid-size sedans out there. And that is particularly true for this Atomic Silver Lexus IS350. Featuring one of the coolest paint finishes in the automotive world, the vehicle also comes with a capable V6 engine, impressive handling, quite a well-thought-off interior, and finally, some aftermarket upgrades. Courtesy of ADV.1 Wheels, naturally. For this vehicle, our team worked with Air Lift Performance to give their customer the best wheel setup possible. In this case, a set of ADV005 FLOWSpec wheels.

The 2021 Atomic Silver Lexus IS350 we have here is powered by a 3.5L V6 engine, delivering 311 horsepower and 280lb-ft (380Nm) of torque. The car is powered by an eight-speed Sport Direct-Shift automatic transmission with paddle shifters. In turn, the vehicle can sprint from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in just 5.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 143mph (230km/h). Not blisteringly fast, but the IS350 can really be driven hard & aggressive, providing the owner with a lot of fun in various driving scenarios.

Looks-wise, this is, as said, one of the best-looking vehicles in its class on sale these days. From the Bi-LED headlamps with daytime running lamps, all the way to the F SPORT exterior styling including unique front and rear bumpers, grille surround, rocker moldings, lip spoiler, and rear valance, joined by the LED taillamps, the 2021 Lexus IS looks clean & appealing from every angle. While the vehicle comes with rather attractive OEM wheels, for most of our customers, that simply doesn’t cut it. And this is especially true if you plan on adding an air-ride suspension system like the owner of this Atomic Silver Lexus IS350 did.

For this build, the ADV005 FLOWSpec wheels come in sizes of 20×9 in the front and 20×10.5 in the rear. The wheels are adorned with a Satin Black finish, working well with the black accents of the vehicle and accentuating the large red brake calipers of an aftermarket BBK (Big Brake Kit) system perfectly. As a result, this is definitely one of the slickest and most appealing IS350’s we’ve seen to date. It’s safe to say that this Lexus is now a real head-turner.

If you are interested in these wheels, they can be ordered from our online store right away. In the meantime, for a more detailed look at this Lexus IS350 with ADV005 FLOWSpec wheels, please take a look at the media gallery below.